The Role of Teacher-generated Evidence in Education Systems; From users to researchers

By Charles Gachoki, Evidence Use Synthesis Manager. Evidence is crucial in education. It is important to understand which teaching practices and innovations work best, where and when they work well, and how they work under different circumstances. By scrutinizing education evidence, we can integrate proven innovations into our education systems, promoting equity and quality. However, […]

Cultural Riches vs. Classroom Dreams: A Tale of Wealth and Wisdom!

Cultural Riches vs. Classroom Dreams: A Tale of Wealth and Wisdom! By Walter Odondi, Senior MEAL Officer, Zizi Afrique Foundation It’s a scorching afternoon in the Nasuroi desert in Isiolo County. The sun blazes down, punishing the land for the world’s bad choices that have caused environmental degradation. Mr. Engor, an elder in the area, […]

Homeschooling in Kenya Through the Eyes of the Mwangi Family

The Mwangi family’s home residence in Nairobi’s bustling streets and vibrant culture- is a place bursting with energy and rhythm. Meet David and Jane Mwangi, passionate educators who believe that personalized education can transform learning. Their homeschooling odyssey epitomizes the boundless possibilities of education as they embark on a journey that diverged from the conventional […]

Musings of an Intern

By Ezra Mwiti As the morning sun gently brushed through the curtains, a mix of anticipation and nervous excitement enveloped me. The thought of the upcoming interview for the youth and children-centric organization filled me with a sense of purpose. With each step in my morning routine, a cascade of possibilities played in my mind, […]

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