Musings of an Intern

By Ezra Mwiti

As the morning sun gently brushed through the curtains, a mix of anticipation and nervous excitement enveloped me. The thought of the upcoming interview for the youth and children-centric organization filled me with a sense of purpose. With each step in my morning routine, a cascade of possibilities played in my mind, echoing the potential impact on young minds. The mirror reflected determination as I headed out, and the crisp air seemed to carry the collective dreams of the youth and children I desired to serve.  Within no time, I was walking through the glassy walls of the organization.  

The atmosphere was buzzing with energy for a purpose. Threads of excitement and nervous anticipation were woven together, but the gravity of becoming part of the team propelled me forward. Upon entering the interview room, I was greeted by a group of calm and wonderful people. Their warm smiles and composed demeanor created an inviting ambiance. As we engaged in a conversation, their thoughtful questions reflected a shared commitment to empowering youth and children, leaving me with a sense of admiration.  A week later, an email popped up on my phone. I had landed an internship opportunity at the Zizi Afrique Foundation. Man! That was a great feat. 

As the doors of the organization opened to welcome me into its realm, I stepped into a world filled with hope, compassion, and a vision to ensure children and youth not only learn but also thrive. From the start, the organization’s heartbeat resonated with a commitment to fostering the potential of young minds. The walls echoed like the laughter of children and the enthusiastic chatter of youth eager to grasp the opportunities presented to them. It was a sanctuary where dreams were nurtured, and each day brought new opportunities. 

Immersed in impactful projects from day one, I found myself engrossed in projects that aimed at making a tangible difference in the lives of the beneficiaries. Whether it was identifying potential donors, grant compliance, financial reporting, and mitigating potential risks associated with grant-funded projects, each initiative was a testament to the organization’s dedication to creating a positive impact. 

My first project led me to a neighboring primary school for a pilot assessment exercise. This was a one-on-one interaction with the brilliant young minds. This is the highlight of my internship. You should have seen how their eyes sparked with curiosity, eager to explore the world of ideas laid out to them. I spent time engaging in conversations with the young minds to create an environment for them to express themselves. Collaborative interactions with their teachers also became bridges that connected me to the children. Recognizing that each child is unique, the pilot assessment was fused with individualized support. The assessments created avenues for self-expression and at the same time showcased their strengths and assistance for areas of growth. This exercise heralded a journey of discovery, unveiling the individual narratives that would shape the tailored approach that ensured every child’s potential was acknowledged. 

Working alongside professionals who share a common goal is not only educative but also creates a sense of unity and purpose. This atmosphere encourages creativity and innovative thinking to address the unique needs of the youth and children. As I delve into the heart of their mission and vision, I discover a world of passion, purpose, and unwavering commitment to ensuring every young mind has the opportunity to learn and thrive. 

In the offices, Ubuntu is more than a buzzword. It is the foundation of the workplace. Open communication, mutual respect, and a genuine concern for each team member’s well-being often creates an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie. Meetings feel like collective discussions and nonhierarchical structures pave way to collaborative problem-solving, a testament to the power of ubuntu within the organization. 

As I reflect on my time as an intern, this is not just any other organization but a catalyst for change. The musings of an intern are woven into the broader narrative of a collective effort to reshape the future. My stint as an intern in this visionary organization has been enriching. The impact it has created, the lessons I have learned, and the relationship I have forged have left an indelible mark on my perspective, igniting a continued passion to contribute to the well-being and growth of generations now and in the future. I have gained insights into the intricate tapestry of education and youth empowerment. The musings of an intern may be, but a small thread in the grand narrative, yet they are, the threads that intertwine with the dreams and aspirations of countless young hearts striving to learn and thrive.

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