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Volleyball Lifts Kwanthanze Girls to the world stage

Developing Contextualised Tools for Measuring Life Skills and Values

Dissemination, Awareness Building & Advocacy in ALiVE

Strengthening Systems through ALiVE

The Collaborative Journey of ALiVE

Growing Together through ALiVE

ALiVE Regional Report Summary

ALiVE Regional Report

Accelerated Learning August 2018 – April 2022

ALiVE Uganda Summary Household Assessment Report 2022

ALiVE Tanzania Summary Household Assessment Report – 2023

ALiVE Kenya Summary Household Assessment Report – 2022

ALP Summary (Each Learner Counts: Evidence on Improving Learning Outcomes in Kenya)

Are Children in Arid Areas Learning during Covid-19?

Accelerated Learning Program 2020 Progress Summary 

  The ALiVE Way: Contextualizing the
Measurement of Life Skills and Values
in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda 

  Accelerated Learning Programme Summary Report August 2018 – April 2022

 Collaborative Action to Strengthen Foundational Literacy and Numeracy