Skills for work and life


Today than ever before, youth require capabilities to navigate the complex world.

Ujana is Kiswahili for “Youthhood”. The Program targets holistic development (360) through Technical and Vocational Training, so that Youth can:

1) Access, create and retain jobs;

2) Live fulfilling lives; and

3) Contribute to the common good of society. This is the idea of Whole Youth Development (WYD), that the program promotes through both systemic and social change.


Ujana360 is pursuing four key outcomes:

  • Deepening understanding on the concept of Whole Youth Development in the context of Kenya
  • Supporting the embedding of Whole Youth Development in TVET curricula
  • Sustaining Advocacy through networks and collaborations to inform whole youth development
  • Demonstrating what works (and what does not) through development of models with Vocational Training Centres

Scope of the Program

  • Three national studies on: Youth not in employment, education or training; Youth in TVET institutions; Youth working in formal and informal sectors
  • Collaborating with the TVET Authority, the Curriculum Development, Assessment and Certification Council (CDACC) and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development for improved TVET curricula and training capacities
  • Coordinating the Values and Life Skills (VaLi) Working Group in Kenya for collaborative learning and advocacy
  • Collaborating with 12 Vocational Training Centres to develop holistic training models

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