Consolidating Evidence, Innovating solutions, Shaping policy and practice

We are committed to improving learning outcomes for children and youth furthest behind. We contribute to the nurturing of a generation of children and youth who are well-equipped with skills for learning, skills for living and skills for working

Our Vision

A world where all children and youth learn and thrive

Our Mission

We consolidate evidence, innovate solutions through collaborative networking, shape policy and practice to equip all children and youth with competencies for life and work

Core Values

Every day we pursue…

Ubuntu – we believe that we cannot succeed alone. We collaborate with others and support others to achieve their dreams. We work hard to create a better world for each other, and for all of us.

Curiosity – we are inquisitive and we are genuinely interested in what we do not know. We take time to seek knowledge through listening, reading and learning from others.

Respect – we value what others do, and take seriously their worldviews, even when it is different from ours. We take time to listen and understand their frame of mind. We embrace our differences and value diversity in engagement with others.

Safety – we seek to secure ourselves while we work, and protect all those we work with.  We invest to create safe learning and working environments, to enhance physical, psychological and mental wellbeing for everyone.

Accountability – we are answerable to ourselves and to others. We are prudent with resources, and openly share what we are learning and creating. We are honest, on both our successes and our failures.