Advocacy for policy change & implementation

We work with others to shape policy for system wide change. We use evidence generated to mobilize and persuade strategic actors to pay attention to and support the crisis of learning and training. We are the secretariat of the TVET VaLi Working Group and belong to the RELI VaLi Working Group. We directly engage with the government and other strategic stakeholders. We engage parents and communities to support the learning of children and youth, and promote system accountability for all.


Curriculum Equity Project

Equity is the most pressing problem in Kenya’s education. The outcomes of education are determined by the part of the country where the child is born, the family to which they come, their gender, disability, the school they attend, the teacher they are sent to – endless list

RELI Hub Kenya

The Regional Education Learning Initiative (RELI) is consortium of over 70 organizations based in Kenya, Uganda, Zanzibar and Tanzania. Since 2017, RELI’s goal has been to empower its members to be effective and influential.