Smoothening Youth Transitions from training to work by Beria Wawira

Francis Kisio, a Narok Vocational Training Centre (VTC) alumnus graduated in Motor Vehicle Mechanics in the year 2002. His motivation to start a medium-sized workshop in Narok town arose from the skills he acquired during various internship opportunities. Years later, his establishment has expanded to a renowned auto spare and motor vehicle workshop in the […]

Each Session, learn a new word by James Mburu

On this  Thursday afternoon, the sun was fierce and relentless. There was no wind to sooth the sun’s attack. Perspiration beaded my forehead and made streams down my face and back. I was bathed in sweat. I checked my phone again, ‘Tana Delta – 350 celcius’ and sighed. It was  hotter than that. I sipped […]

In Class Five and Cannot Read by Faith Mukiria

The first task was to have her read a simple Grade 2 level paragraph. She held the piece of paper in a hand, with a slight tremble. She formed her lips but no sound came out. “She must be nervous”, I thought to myself. I lifted my eyes from the Kiswahili assessment paper she was […]

My Great and Beautiful Village, Itibet

My village sounds like… Motorbikes beeping fast and loud, People talking happily, Bird songs all day, Children singing Kipsigis songs, Tea Collection Lorries beeping all afternoon, At night, the dogs bark and scare us. My village feels… Like a golden tea harvest, Beautiful like a sunset, Friendly like the ants love sugar, At home……and warm […]

Let us seal the disconnect between parents and youth By Koigi Mugo

When the word parent is uttered in any setting, what clicks in our minds is ‘provider’ who strives to pay school fees, rent and offer pocket money on request. In our context, precisely the African, parents consider themselves having ‘done’ their role by paying school fees and providing necessary non-financial support to go to school […]

The Musings of a Millennial

I was grateful for the rains but with it came traffic. Traffic had become so bad that one fateful Saturday night, a distance that I would have spent an hour took us twelve hours. We ended up sleeping on Mombasa road. Traffic had become terrible I was now spending at least five hours on the […]