My Great and Beautiful Village, Itibet

My village sounds like…

Motorbikes beeping fast and loud,

People talking happily,

Bird songs all day,

Children singing Kipsigis songs,

Tea Collection Lorries beeping all afternoon,

At night, the dogs bark and scare us.

My village feels…

Like a golden tea harvest,

Beautiful like a sunset,

Friendly like the ants love sugar,

At home……and warm though, in our mud houses.

My village smells…

Of fresh water in the streams and water falls,

Like the flowers in the gardens,

Of fresh air from the tall-well-built blue gum trees.

When I think of Itibet,

I feel very happy and proud,

I want to empower the children, Women and youth,

I want development of the roads, schools and hospitals,

And I want to be associated with my lovely village, Itibet….


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