Qualitative Research Consultant

Posted 2 months ago

One of Zizi Afrique’s ways of working is partnership with the Government, to achieve system-led change at scale. The Zizi Afrique – Government initiative dubbed Napenda Kusoma was inspired by the municipality of Sobral in Brazil, with the vision of ensuring that all children in Kirinyaga can read with comprehension by the end of Grade 3 in 2026. The government spearheaded the Foundational Literacy Program, with the Teacher Service Commission County Director (TSCCD) as the chief convener and patron and supported by the County Director of Education and the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Education in the Kirinyaga County government as co-convenors. The program targets to shift the classroom practices of the Early Years Education (EYE) teachers, including the Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers employed and managed by the county government and the Grade 1-3 teachers, with a view to improving literacy outcomes.

In this regard, Zizi seeks to engage the services of a qualitative research consultant to document the process outcomes, lessons and insights emerging from the partnership.

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