1. Evidence generation and learning

We generate consolidate and share evidence to inform policy and practice. We conduct studies and assessments of learning to generate evidence to address the learning crisis as well as anticipate the future. Additionally, we package, share and communicate evidence to influence learning practices and policies.

2. Advocacy for policy change and implementation

We work with others to shape policy for system wide change. We use evidence generated to mobilize and persuade strategic actors to pay attention to and support the crisis of learning and training. We are the secretariat of the TVET VaLi Working Group and belong to the RELI VaLi Working Group.  We directly engage with the government and other strategic stakeholders. We engage parents and communities to support the learning of children and youth, and promote system accountability for all.

3. Innovations for improved practice

We use evidence on what works in Education. We adapt tested innovations to local contexts to improve learning and training outcomes for those furthest behind. We pilot, monitor and adapt models and frameworks for learning influence and scale.

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