Our Theory of Change

Zizi Afrique will contribute to the nurturing of a generation of children and youth who are well-equipped with the skills for learning, skills for living and skills for working.

 Our Theory of Change is founded upon the ecological lens, in its four constituent conceptual spaces: individual, household/family, societal/community and systems. These spaces of vision actualization undergird the three pillars of the strategy:

Evidence & Learning | Advocacy | Innovations for Practice

Ultimately, when the vision is achieved, individual children and youth will equitably learn and build holistic development competences for their well-being; families and households will emerge as mini-ecosystems where children and youth achieve their aspirations and thrive; systems and structures in East Africa will produce equitable, quality learning and training outcomes for children and youth, and above all, the African society will be like one large household, where people are happy and empowered, and where competencies and skills drive access to opportunities and thriving for all. To achieve this, a strong evidence base will be a firm foundation for both policy change and improved practice, to accelerate holistic development outcomes of learning and training. Thus, three wheels will have to move in synchrony, supported by eight strategies to reach the desired end.

Our Reach

TVET Institutions

The 2021 - 2025 Strategy

The theory of change, and indeed the achievement of the vision assumes the presence of strong enablers within a stable, thriving organization. Over the strategic period, the organization aspires to be among the top 3 most respected civil society organizations promoting the development of holistic competences.

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